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InfoPath Forms Hub Webpart is delivered as a SharePoint 2010 solution package (wsp). For installation of the package I recomment to use the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell. First step is adding the solution to the SharePoint farm.

Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath "C:\somewhere\InfoPath Forms Hub Webpart.wsp"

After you have added the solution you have to install it to your desired WebApplication.

Install-SPSolution -Identity "infopath forms hub webpart.wsp" -WebApplication http://yourdomain" -GACDeployment

After the installation a new feature called InfoPath Forms Hub Webpart is available in the Site Collection Features. With activation of the feature the webpart can be found in the webpart categorie VIALUTIONS.


When you first added the wbepart you get an empty webpart with only the title. The first step is to configure the webpart in the webpart settings accessible via Edit Web Part.


In the current release you have to specify the absolute url to the source InfoPath form as Source by yourself after you assigned a Name to the list entry. In the most cases it is http:/yourdomian/listname/Forms/template.xsn.

Target is an optional setting. If you don't use it, the form is saved in the same list. Otherwise you have to add a list, that uses the same InfoPath form as ContentType. After a correct configuration your InfoPath Forms Hub Webpart should look similar to this:

InfoPath Forms Hub Webpart


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